Nerak Tweed - Aesthetic Ending of 2021


This Christmas is a special one for many of us, it is a long wait for families around the globe to finally reunite. While we should still take precautions, we can finally gather and share the love. Let’s do some Christmas shopping, shall we? Deck the halls in trendy tweed for all your holiday festivities.





These tweed pieces are perfect for completing your Christmas wardrobe with embellished buttons and classic designs. Featuring dresses that accentuate your silhouette and jackets that add a chic flair to any outfit, our Nerak Tweed collection. From the crisp mornings of autumn to the snowy nights in winter, these traditional tweed designs support the elegance of straight lines while incorporating a subtle shine from every angle.





Available in neutral colours, black, off-white, and sand, give your closet an upgrade with an established look that never goes out of style. Choose to be extraordinary and celebrate the start of a new year with clothing that enhances your aura. Embrace the traditional wear of fabulous tweed and with every fringed accent and iconic button, feel the luxury of a classic warm design. 





Collection Nerak Tweed

Material: Tweed
Design Available in Long Sleeve Dresses, Short Sleeve Dresses, and Jackets
Subtle Shininess 



    Nerak Cranes - Majestic beginning of 2022

    Our festive collection Nerak Tweed celebrates aestheticity, the upcoming Nerak Cranes collection in January 2022 brings us hope, harmony and grace. 





    Our Nerak Cranes collection offers a visual experience of Japanese Cranes in flight. As a symbol of happiness and eternal youth, the crane is one of the mystical creatures that are celebrated in Asia. With a meaning of good fortune and longevity, this collection showcases these characteristics with a base colour of light blue and fun accents.





    Made with Rayon Viscose, each piece features small details that add to the overall design. Using forms of pleating, ruffles, and origami patterns throughout the garment, it adds to the light and airy theme of both the majestic bird and the flowing motion of the hem and sleeves. For a complete look and a seamless transition from winter to spring, pair it with our Nerak Ice Blue Tweed. This in-house print design offers the energetic addition you’ll crave for your closet in the new season.






    Collection Nerak Cranes  

    Material: Rayon Viscose
    Design Available in Dresses, Top, and Skirt
    Accents include pleating, ruffles, and origami decorations




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