Give Christmas an extra love - Choose sustainable gifts


This Christmas is truly sepcial , it has been a long time for many families to finally can get together to celebrate. Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? We know we got a lot of prepare , let us introduce a few options for you. In the season of love, we shall show our care to the earth by choosing products that are sustainable and long lasting.



1. Kibo Recycled Canvas Sneakers 





This sneaker is made with recycled canvas. Trimmings from factory floors are collected and remade into fibres and then canvas. Microfresh technology is added so that the shoes is anti-microbial and anti-odour. Kibo Canvas comes in white with slate-grey or aquamarine trimming. The design looksmmodern and easy to go along with your daily outfits. Available at shops only.





2. Cubic Zirconia Jewellery



CZ Jewelry



We love shinny jewellery. No girl will say no to diamond. However, diamond mining is also considered to be the most harmful activity to our earth. Lab-grown diamond is getting more and more attention nowadays. It is a good alternative for fashion jewellery as lab-grown diamond is durable, lower cost, and has great reflection as diamond. Cubic Zirconia remains the no.1 alternative, and it produces way less carbon footprint to our earth. 





3. Biodegradable Eyewears



Introducing our new arrivals - biodegradable eyewears from Kibo x UTAH LEE. The frames is made of biocell, which is a plant-based material made of cellulose polymers derived from cotton or woodpulp. It is 100% vegan, and can be biodegradable in 2 years. The eyewears design is unisex, it will be a perfect #giftforhim and #giftforher! Available at shops only.


This Christmas

Let's share an extra love by choosing sustainable gifts. 


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