It is no secret that fast fashion has been on the rise over the past few decades. It's easy and inexpensive- two qualities that make it a popular choice for consumers. However, many people may not realize what this trend means for our planet and global economy.
Fast fashion causes both pollution and exploitation of workers in developing countries where much of these clothing items are produced. The solution? RWBE orders! In this blog post, we will discuss the true impacts of fast fashion and how to create style with less waste, at a higher quality level, without resorting to harmful clothing manufacturing practices.
 What's Wrong With Fast Fashion?


Fast fashion started in the 1990s and has exploded within the past decade. It is defined as clothing that changes with current trends rapidly, which makes it inexpensive for consumers to purchase. The rise of fast fashion coincides with an increase in globalization where many countries began outsourcing manufacturing jobs to other countries like Bangladesh and Cambodia due to cheaper labor costs.
The fast fashion industry contributes to 10% of annual global carbon emissions, which is double that of total flight and maritime transport. On top of that, of that clothing produced, only 1% of it will be recycled and reused into new clothing. The other 80% will end up in a landfill. With over 12.8 million tons of clothing sent to landfills annually, it's clear that fast fashion does not contribute at all to sustainability or fair growth practices.


RWBE Orders Are The New Way Forward


If you're horrified at the data above, you're not alone. The pressing question is how to find a different path forward in the world of fashion. Thankfully, this can be done through RWBE orders. RWBE stands for Reduce Waste Be Elegant. It's a pre-order period, similar to Fashion On Demand, that allows you to order clothing you want in advance, which helps us manage stock better. As a result, fashion waste is reduced because nothing is overproduced. RWBE orders are a great way to take a step in the right direction and contribute towards a more sustainable future for fashion.
How RWBE Orders Solve Fast Fashion Problems


If you're going to be purchasing clothing from any retailer, why not buy something that will last? This is where RWBE orders come into play because they allow you to pre-order your new wardrobe items so that nothing ends up being overproduced or wasted on too much inventory.

By only producing what's ordered, brands can reduce their carbon footprint by 40%! This means less manufacturing waste and fewer chemicals used to make the clothes we wear every day. Plus, it creates better opportunities for workers who are often exploited in developing countries where fast fashion markets tend to dominate.


Place Your RWBE Order Today


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