Artwork on recycled polyester

Cultural vareigation - The collection are designer with intention from neck to hem for daily wear and patterned to emulate different cultures.
With captivating designs that transcend meaning and texture, our Raf Eisus collection portrays the best of the seasonal shift with items that evoke a dreamy feel in soft hues. 

Eisus print features old country french ruffles and a hue of spring touch for a better transition towards the fall season. The combinations present a beautiful flow in garment form. 

Yaf features ancient Egyptian styling, one of a kind print design printed on Recycled Polyester accentuate the fall fashion with accents that embellish a look for a greater transition.

Printed on Recycled Polyester

Collection Yaf Eisus are printed on recycled polyester to retain modern function while remaining conscious

Polyester is one of the most common fabrics in clothing due to its durability, elasticity, and silk-like feel. However, this also contributes to a large amount of waste that can pollute our environment when it's produced. Polyester is considered one of the most polluting fabrics you can find because it's made from plastic materials from water, oil, and coal. In fact, creating polyester takes about 70 million barrels of oil, which is a ton of carbon.
While regular polyester is clearly not a sustainable fabric, using recycled polyester can help lessen the impacts of this material. Using recycled polyester not only helps give life to old plastic produces, but helps to mitigate the damage that regular polyester contributes to our environment.

For any occasion, collection Yaf Eisus offers everything you’ll need to start a new season with addition of extra beauty from the sustainability conscious.







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