Thank you MEE for introducing us. We are most thrilled to get to know more customers to show our amazing sustainable collection as well as our socially responsible mission in our brand. Marco Visconti is a multi brand fashion label based in Hong Kong. The brand not just produces self design clothing, it also sources fashions around the world that share the same value on social responsibility. One of the flagship, RWBE, focuses on sustainability with the use of sustainable material as well as never over produce. We strive to offer affordable and sustainable fashion to our customers who love to dress up themselves, and are also enthusiastic to promote ethical manufacturing, fair trade, and in supporting local community shops.



 The latest collection - Collection Nerak Japanese Crane is inspired by Japanese cranes. The collection is made of sustainable material - Viscose and Rayon. Viscose is known as an artificial silk made of cellulose fiber, which provides a truly natural soft texture. On the other hand, Rayon is a semi-synthetic fiber made from natural sources, 100% vegan, the most important thing is they won’t harm the environment. The Japanese crane in this collection represents the designer's perspective: wish the one who wears it has a majestic beginning in the new year as Japanese cranes have a traditional meaning of hope, harmony and longevity.



Another collection - Collection Yaf Eisus is inspired by ancient Egyptian styling. Combination of ancient pattern and modern design result in uniqueness and elegance. This collection is made of recycled polyester, which is also a sustainable material. Unlike polyester, recycled polyester is made of PET, same with the material used in plastic water bottles. Plastic is one of the most different to biodegrade sustenance, by recycling PET, we reduce the production of plastic products, consume less water and result in less pollution.


Let’s explore our SS2022 new arrivals, on our sustainable choice of fashion for your daily needs.