Live Healthfully and Naturally



Cotton is one of the most commonly used fabrics in fashion and textiles. We all love cotton wear, as it is soft, breathable, absorbent and durable. RWBE and our partner brand, Mata Traders, all use cotton extensively in our collections, so what’s more? This season, we want to introduce to you something new - organic cotton.


What is Organic Cotton?

Organic cotton is chemical-free and grown organically without harmful chemicals, which leaves the soil and air free of contaminants. Organic cotton also uses natural insecticides instead of chemical pesticides to encourage biodiversity.





Less is More

Organic cotton produces 45% less carbon dioxide and consumes 88% less water than conventional cotton. Moreover, water used to grow organic cotton is often green water such as rainwater or water in the soil.  


Sustainable Production

Organic cotton farmland is free of toxic chemicals which keep our farmers and their families safe. The farmers are also paid with fair wages to ensure fair trade.








Our influence

When we buy organic cotton, we are helping environmental conservation such as water preservation, cleaner and better soil, and farmer livelihoods. Even if organic cotton could sometimes cost a little more,  care for our world and the society we live in is more worthy. Believe in our choice, buy less and buy better!








Believe in our choice, buy less and buy better!