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Oftentimes, we buy plastic bottle drinks and plastic bags because it is cheap and convenient. However, no one has taken it seriously about the problems and the environmental pollution plastic causes. Until nature is given us a message – global warming, we all are finally becoming more environmentally conscious and start to think about the environmental responsibility of Mother Earth.

Back then who would have thought we could recycle man’s trash into treasure?  As necessity is the mother of invention so this is how we ended up exploring this amazing recycled polyester!

You might have seen the word “recycled polyester” pretty much everywhere but you might have wondered when you saw it on shirts or bags maybe? But what exactly the term means and what exactly it is?










What is recycled polyester (rPET)?

Recycled polyester (rPET) is a versatile, durable fabric that is made from the recycling process. The used plastic is transformed into awesome new wearable material. Isn’t it surprising!

rPET is as good as virgin polyester but requires fewer resources to make – Recycled polyester is almost the same as virgin polyester in terms of quality, but its production requires 59 percent less energy compared to virgin polyester.

Converting PET into recycled polyester uses less water and energy than it would produce virgin polyester. Most studies suggest that between 33-53% less energy is used to create recycled polyester vs virgin. Also, fewer CO2 emissions are produced and we do not need to use non-renewable resources (petroleum).






Sustainable Fashion:

The term ‘Sustainable fashion’ is explained as clothing that is specifically designed, manufactured, distributed, and then used in an environmentally friendly way.

Eco- Friendly fabric or sustainable fashion is getting more attention than ever. The fashion industry has also started realizing its environmental responsibility. This way the environmental impact of the fashion industry is becoming lower. 

Doubtlessly sustainable clothing is the solution to a lot of problems we are facing these days. Sustainable fashion companies do the following practices to minimize the impact of plastic pollution:

Less use of water

Recycled/eco-friendly fabrics in clothing

Elimination of disposal in unethical ways

Use recycled materials in their shipping packaging

Fair wages for all employees 




How RWBE is contributing towards “Go Green” Cause:

Through its commitment to sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing RWBE (Reduce Waste Be Elegant) has proved that fashion can also be a force for good cause. RWBE always searches for those ways through which it can put the planet first. At RWBE we believe in reducing fashion waste by producing on demand. And now we have introduced Recycled Polyester to serve this cause.